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About Mojave

Mojave is a silent desert in the North American mainland. Since the 1960’s,  the desert-scape has been a refuge for travelers, hikers and those seeking balance in an extreme environment. We are a mission-based startup committed to advocating for natural environments in the US and across the world.


We make digital tools for outfitters and outdoorsmen alike. Urban recreation and wild refuges are at your fingertips. Explore Mojave to find the best spots for skiing / snowboarding, surfing, kayaking /canoeing, & trail running.


Our company was founded in Chicago, but aims to provide access to the outdoors in every language, in every region around the world. Mojave offers small businesses an e-commerce platform and search interface in every major language, extending their reach to adventures across the globe.


As an outdoor business, we have a social responsibility to advocate and preserve our natural environment. We support open discourse of our environmental climate and pledge to donate 1% of total net profit to sustainable research & initiatives.

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